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MasonrySignageentries to subdivisions, clubs, industrial parks

First impressions are created by the entry into a club, business park or subdivision. Denny's Masonry can provide the quality craftsmanship that completes the design and impression the signage structure presents when entering into the designated area.

OutdoorStructuresfrom planters to small retaining walls to roadside bridges

Exceptional quality and experience is what Denny's Masonry is able to provide for the discerning client. Value is not always dependent on price, more often the quality is what creates the value, especially in the case of structures that are meant to last decades.

FirePlacesveneer, chimneys, fireboxes, indoor/outdoor, restoration, refacing

Denny's Masonry specializes your fireplace needs. From restoring, refacing, repairing your indoor or outdoor fireplace, we have over 30 years of experience. We can handle many types of materials from brick or stone to dry-stack ledge stone..

Outdoor Barbecuesbrick, stone or refaced

Denny's Masonry has over 30 years of experience building barbecues with custom designs, meant to fit all variety of outdoor spaces or layouts. Use your imagination and give us a call - we also provide complimentary design consultation.

Outdoor Kitchensstone, brick, refaced, slate

Custom designed outdoor kitchens in any configuration you might imagine or to meet any special needs specific to your location. Denny's Masonry can bring your outdoor kitchen dreams to life for you including outdoor warmer drawers, hot water dispensers and more.

Mail Boxesstone, brick, refaced, slate

Custom designed mailboxes to match any existing masonry work on your home or create a new design. Mailbox choices can include lights on top or back-lit street numbers. Foundation design under the mailboxes are critical and often overlooked. Structural support is key for long lasting stability. One of the more popular styles is the dry stack ledge stone look which is available in many colors and shapes.

Brick & Stone Veneerstone, brick, refaced, slate

Veneers can be designed to match any existing material/s. Or we can custom design a new look and style for you. Dry stack ledge stone is a popular material being used on many projects and is available in many color and size variations.

GardenStructuresgazebos, planters, small retaining walls

Garden structures designed and created in brick, stone or dry-stack ledge stone can add a great deal of interest to anyone's garden or back yard.

OutdoorSeatingstone, brick, slate, dry-stack ledge stone

Custom designed outdoor seating in any configuration you might imagine or to fit your personal design requirements, Denny's Masonry can bring our project or design to life for you.

ColumnStructuresstone, brick, refaced, slate, dry-stack ledge stone

Columns integrated into the structure of buildings, homes or columns used for decorative purposes and created in any type of materials from refacing to stone or brick. Columns can be practical or decorative and give a finished look to any project.

DecorativeMasonrystone, brick, refaced, slate, dry-stack ledge stone

Decorative embellishment, driveway or walkway ribbons or anywhere you might want a more finished look to your project, structure or practical part of your landscaping or indoor finishing on fireplaces or anywhere you might use stone, brick, slate or refacing.